Thursday, October 29, 2009

F*** Your Pet???

ish2....apelaaa nak jadi...
otak kotor masing2...

Final Year Project laaa....

arini dengan lemah nye meneruskan perjuangan menyiapkan fyp yg tgl nyawa2 ikan je lg
untuk dipersembahkan.

dalam hati ada banyak gundah gulana...
tapi mata ada tgk cerita juga~

sambil2 tangan yang gatal neh mengklik sana sini..
sempat jgk ak siap kan calculation untuk fyp..
sungguh penat otak ini diperah2..
smpi kering tak perlu masuk dryer lg dah...

nak tau ape yg kuar hasil perahan santan otak tersebut??

sungguh berterima kasih kepada encik excel kerana telah byk berjasa..
kalo lah encik excel tidak hadir dalam diri ini...
maka sungguh la kecewa kerana dengan yakin nya sudah pasti
otak yg kering ini terus hancur berdarah menyelesaikan persamaan2 yg panjang berjela2 itu..

-post bahasa melayu cmpur ini khas untuk encik excel yg dikasihi.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shut Up ur MOUTH!!

to those people who r outside of mylife..
dont u dare to talk about me AT ALL!!!
since i dont give a damn about ur own life!

n u know nothing about me at all...
so juz


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

have u ever wonder?? our skin is look like? do you know the fact about skin?
i guess few wud say..owh..i already learned about skin during high school... tell me..
what??? yeah..i do expect that answer...
didnt remember about it anymore...rite??

now! all engineers-to-be...
let's become a doctor today ok??

here's the fact :
1) the amount of skin jacketing an average human adult is actually 2 square meters

2) epidermis is a tough coating formed from overlapping layers of dead skin cells which continually slough off and are replaced with cells from the living layers beneath.

3) freckles are actually deposits of melanin that develop on the skin especially after sun exposure.

4)Surgeons once grafted pigskin onto burn wounds as a temporary bandage. These days they use human skin tissue taken from another part of the body or skin substitutes engineered from synthetics or other materials such as cow collagen or shark cartilage

5) Beyond providing armor, insulation, and air-conditioning, skin has long served as a canvas for cultural expression

A man stands silhouetted behind 21 square feet (2 square meters) of skin substitute which close burn wounds until new skin grows in

scanning electron micrograph of epidermis

this what freckles is
skin tissue

a woman in Srinagar, Kashmir, displays her henna-painted hands, illustrating one of skin's greatest roles: human canvas for the artistic and the spiritual.

imagine urself without skin....
how wud it be like?

ayam bogel tanpa kulit!!!
KFC~ idaman ku selaloooooooo

credit: nationalgeographic

Monday, October 26, 2009

young younger youngest??

tik tok tik tok..

i'm waiting for my SV's call since he sms me at 6.38a.m!! toink!! juz to say that he want to meet me today..

got headache already preparing the stuff to show him...
what stuff?? fyp things laaa..what else..~ aigooo (lu mau wa sekeh lu punya kapala kaa?)

while going tru older folder in my aquarium-with-deadfish-pc i found a quite long age pictures
of me n family while we were havinga vacation(WOW!) at langkawi..

this is my family

look at me..still fresh n noob..aishh..missing the face..without acne n pimples...aishh...

me n my lovely teacher-to-be sister...

older n younger sis, cousin n little brother....

missing them so much... although i juz met them last week..ngaa..
dont know how when i work at brunei later...

kind of emo...
no lalalaaa then...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

round round about

its 3.58 a.m

i'd juz came back from penang....'s crazy man!! with such a "kontena" of work load...
me n my 4years roommate still got "a lot of" time to go round2 penang...

we didnt plan to go there actually,
it started with juz going out to find sumthing to eat since we didnt got anything goin into our stomach from da morning,

while we in da car,

me : dayah, kita nak g penang nih..
dayah : tipu ahh...
me : ....

then we pass tru jelapang tol going to penang,
me : dayah, kita nak g penang nih...tak caye lg?
dayah : tipuuuu ahhhh...korang nak g jj kan??
me : hahahah...jj? tu belakang sane laaa...
dayah : ....

then we go tru the terowong,

me : haa...tgk...da masuk terowong pon...
dayah : heihhh! korang betul ke nih?? g penang??
me : yela...tak caya lg??ko kan tak penah g ak nak bawak la nih..
dayah : (smizing only)

at RnR gunung semanggol,

dayah : wahhh...btl2 nak g penang tak caye je kalo mak ak tipon nih..mesti dia terkejut (btw, her mom will call her everyday, at least a time..shhhhh n she is already 22..)
me : haha...mesti mak ko tak caye nih...kecoh abeh ar..
dayah : excited a bit..

i'm so lazy to type..
go for pictures lah... the ferry excited she is...(firstimer..haha)

the best steak in bt feringghi

we at the bulatan Queensbay...

sleepy olredi...see my eyes?? oh God..

sorry for the blurry picture, only got phone camera lor...
alrite then...
stop ere...
what? not a full story??
my blog~ who cares~...lalalaaa

Saturday, October 24, 2009

begin a new beginning in a life of onleemie

it's october,
one more month before i completed my bachelor degree..
n guess what? i already counting the days until the last day of my final exam...
it's not a surprise rite? i bet who ever been in my shoes also do the same thing.
having graduation in mind makes me excited..
... of coz i'm excited... where the hell in this world the graduating student are not excited..
show me one n i'll give u a thousand..hahaha...(i'll juz wrote one thousand only in a piece of paper..)

yeah..bla bla bla...
i know no body wants to know bout that...
krushh krushhh(squeezing the paper)...shhhh juz assume i wrote everything above in a diary book... blog! who cares~~

orait! orait!back to the topic!(no topic actually)
i decided to make this month as a new beginning for me,
i'm graduating,
and it's a new beginning for....(i'm not gonna tell you now),
i already got a job...(i'll tell u later bout this)....yeah~ i know, i still didn't finished my study yet.
but i guess, it's my luck or maybe it's best if i put it in this way..

kalo dah rezeki~~

end here..

(that's all????)
my blog....who cares~~ hahaha