Wednesday, March 10, 2010

lang pa lang pa Chipsmore

ahah! found the missing file~~

the 1st week post~ aiyooo long time agooo la.

Thanks to GOD, I’ve completed the first week of working. Not much can be expected since I believe everybody knows, the first few weeks are really going to be extremely boring. As a newbie of course the first thing u need to know is what actually the department that u are in doing. As for me, HCC is leader in innovation of drill bits. Being exposed to the theory behind the diamond bits really gave me something new and fresh. Of cause actually I never know about the diamond since I’m not really into o&g. but I guess I have to accept and I’m accepting the path that God chose for me. I believe, there’s something waiting for me in this field.

Actually, after few days in the office, the most frustrating news is that, my scopes of work are mostly in the office and meeting client. OMG! This is not actually what I’d expected the day I walk for the first time in Baker Hughes. Though, I’ve talked to the big boss, and senior colleague, there’s nothing much can be hope and I guess the dream to be working offshore at the platform somewhere in the middle of the sea, is just a dream. But, contrast with that, the best part that I heard is most of big managers come from HCC department. WOW! I’m starting to convert the future plan, from switching to another product line for field experience to being a manager of Baker Hughes. Ohhooo…this newbie started to talk nonsense. Ahah….luckily the probation period is just 3 month. Therefore, by hook or by crook, the highest priority of focus is to pass the probation period first.

Well, got a phone call from the big boss yesterday, err….actually due to my email to him talking nonsense about few concerns which of coz include about going to platform just to see what is actually going on there. Ahah! I’m lucky; the big boss is such a very nice person. While not actually doing any work yet, he already willing to gave a full support for my future plan. Really enjoyed talking to him . Ahah! I like u boss!! Ohh, u might feel a bit weird and asking y the boss talked to me tru the phone. Actually he’s based in Bangkok. Therefore, ………(put your own sentences.)

Upss..need to stop here, nature’s calling. It’s freezing cold in ere. And well, of course I need to prepare for some quiz next week. Urghhh…can’t believe I’m still trapped with the most things I hate while being a student.

Gtg. Da~

Missing Post

urghh...i lost my 1st week working post....err not yet a post actually.
just a doc file where i wrote what ever nonsense i'm planning on posting.
cant find it anywhere since i change my laptop..

never mind...i'll post it sometime if and only if (ohh...tringat lak cikgu norma ajar math mod) i manage to find the file back..

it's the 3rd week already, owh..the time pass by very fast...
kind of feel like juz 3 days in the office.
not much to do....juz study and go tru catalogs, material what ever they gave and read it over n over again..

but, i did learned new thing yesterday, juz few hours before going back.
rig count
well, looks pretty easy,
counting how much rig is in active status for vietnam, thailand, japan, philippines, brunei and malaysia of cos.
for malaysia, there are 21 rig a per this week count. new info..hohoh...never know how much rig we have.

as far till now, still didnt get any task yet, juz getting ready for quiz and assignment this friday.
and the most interesting part meeting the big boss. came all the way from bangkok.
also can't wait for EDP training in Dubai early april. gaining new experience and learn to be independent at new place alone.

selamat bekerja untuk yg dah bekerja...pada yg belum..
teruskan usaha dan doa..